Welcome to the Preliminary Course Wiki covering a case study for Boudicca.
Statue of Boudicca near Westminster pier

I am hoping that together we can create a useful resource for learning about Boudicca, her people the Iceni and the Romans in Britain during her time.

The following is a list of activities with links that I would like to experiment with as a part of our course.

  1. Make sure you verify your wikispaces account so that the site can send you email.
  2. Edit the Members page to include your name and a link to your personal profile.
  3. Edit the Glossary page following the instructions at the top of the page.
  4. Read the Wikipedia Boudicca article and use it as a model for writing our own article as a class. We will use a dicussion page in this class wiki to collectively plan the article.
  5. Research yopur section of the article
  6. Draft your section of the article, make your you record your sources - you will need to add footnotes.
  7. Go to your article's discussion page and participate in the discussion on how to organise the article
  8. As a group decide what pictures should be used in the article (discussion page)
  9. Create a thread with the title "section name: your name" for others to comment on.
  10. Comment on at least two other sections saying what is good about them and what can be improved.
  11. Edit your own article based upon the feedback.
  12. make sure you use hyperlinks and other ICT where appropriate or useful. you will be marked on your use of ICT.